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news that you should know

I should say that as well as being a star wars fan, I also LUV The Dark Knight.


I swear that ON MY HONOR,
during the scene where Harvey and Rachel are at dinner,
you can see a little off to Alan Ekhart's left, you can SEE Heath (no makeup or scary Joker anywhere in sight) . I SWEAR.
Watch the movie again and prove me wrong. It's true.

Congrats to Heath for the globe
Hope you win the Oscar

i didn't write this, but I love it!

not star wars related, good gaming, though!

Inside the Scoundrel's head

here's a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago on Han Solo, the scruffiest looking pilot in the galaxy

Disclaimer: I do not own STAR WARS, that is the property of George Lucas, and LucasFilm LTD, as much as I wish Han were mine.
For love of the Princess
I don’t care what we say
Irresistible as you are
I can’t be in love with you
The sweetness of your kiss
Cannot disguise or remedy the bitterness in my heart
Wounds scarred over, not yet healed
It’s not toward you the scars revealed
She betrayed me, and then deceived me
I hope you won’t
Deeper than my kiss I give you, I get the feeling I don’t want us apart.
Why am I
Finding myself,
Falling in love
Falling, falling in love
With you?
You’re a princess, I’m a pirate
No code to follow but my own
You have customs
A legacy you must carry
Of a culture lost
Dissolved into empty space
Stubbornness runs through your veins
You think arrogance is mine
But really if I told you
I think you’d be surprised
I’m only disguising the pain and loneliness inside
Like you do
Really don’t get me wrong
I admire you
Maybe if we were honest with each other
You might admire me too
Could we forget the snide comments we shared
Maybe for just once
And if you promise and mean it
Maybe then
I can let myself
I can find myself
Falling in love
Falling, falling in love
With you

what's happening to me?